Many people in Singapore own more than one property. On their behalf, after the roof over one's head, the following target is buy a second as well as third property, with all the purpose of getting good returns through rental income and through capital appreciation. Property investment is actually a popular financial activity in Singapore.

Elsen Ong

In case you are also thinking of purchasing property, one thing to do is always to set a financial budget. This will help you greatly in determining what location, size and type property you should be taking a look at. Private property in Singapore ranges in the luxury class in prime method to those mid-tiers in the city fringe to mass market ones in suburban estates.

To buy property entails long-term thinking and planning. The nice thing about buying property in Singapore is the fact that you can enter into it with relatively little money at first. Only one need to know what it's possible to afford so as not to overstretch oneself.

Right now when bank interest rates are in their historical rock-bottom levels, it may be very tempting to borrow heavily to finance an upmarket purchase. But rates of interest don't always remain low. The home investor must do his sum properly to ensure when rates of interest rise, it does not become too much of a burden for him to service his loan.

Once you have worked your sums and therefore are confident with your budget you've set, you are ready to look searching for your premises. You probably have heard property investment gurus stressing it is about location when it comes to property. In Singapore, properties located near amenities are generally in greater demand. People are willing to pay more for staying close to MRT stations, good schools, shopping centres and food outlets. A house near a worldwide school or a business park can command better rent.

Elsen Ong

Within your property search, you need to be searching for places that there is certainly future growth potential. A government want to develop the area where your home is located will certainly increase its value.